Snowfall is a magical experience, but it comes at a cost to business. Snow can literally pile up overnight, putting the safety of your building’s occupants and its integrity at risk. Snow removal services are much more than just hooking a plow to a truck.

Instead of waiting until the snow starts to fall to hire commercial snow removal services, Facilities Managers should consider hiring an expert in the summer. Hiring an expert in the summer offers stark benefits compared with waiting until the next winter Nor’easter.

What’s Wrong With Waiting to Hire Commercial Snow Removal Services?

That’s a loaded question and in this white paper, you'll learn:

  • What questions you need to ask yourself as you consider looking at options for your facility for the winter season.
  • How Hiring Snow Removal Services in the Summer “Warms Up Contract Negotiation and Planning.”
  • Key Considerations Before Hiring a Commercial Snow Removal Services Company

Although it’s the dead of summer, it is never too late to start planning for the next season’s facilities’ needs. Facilities Managers must begin thinking about commercial snow removal services before the storm hits.

This is the only way to ensure field service vendors have the capacity and availability to clear your parking lots, walkways and grounds when the city succumbs to the next winter storm.

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