If a major system failed today, would you know if it should be repaired or replaced? What if a natural disaster occurred; could you determine if it would be reasonable to repair equipment or replace it, based on age, performance, and damage? How would prolonged closure for emergency cleanup and recovery take? Do you have the resources available?

An emergency preparedness plan answers these questions, and it reduces the burden of stress when faced with an emergency and recovery. Your plan details how to identify key areas that need attention, prioritizes needs, and helps your business reopen faster.

In this 3rd and final white paper in our areas to focus on for strategic facilities management white paper series, you'll learn:

  • Why Emergency Services Are an Integral Component of Facilities Management
  • The Importance of Communications to Define Success or Failure During Emergencies
  • To Set an Expectation of the Reality that Disaster Recovery Is an Arduous Process
  • How to Plan for Emergencies Now to Reduce Risk and Ensure Business Continuity

QSI Facilities is your partner in developing executing a disaster & emergency services plan. Learn more by downloading our flyer today.

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