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More than half of executives surveyed (53 percent), reports an International Facility Management Association publication, “Redefining the Executive View of Facility Management,” did not discuss facilities management in the boardroom regularly or at all. But, that mindset appears to be changing.

The C-Suite is focused on improving staff and building occupant experiences, increasing brand value and awareness and benefiting the customer experience. Each concern mirrors the ability to expand profitability and scale a company, and Facility Managers that break through to the C-Suite can prove to be more than just unavoidable.

In this first of a three-part white paper series around Facilities Management & the C-suite, you’ll learn:

  • How Amazon Commoditized Competition
  • How Facility Spend is Increasing
  • How Facilities reflects Brand Values & Business Goals
  • The Importance of Collaboration in the C-Suite with Facilities Management
  • Why Facilities Deserves a Seat in the C-Suite