Deferred maintenance is a terrible Facilities Management practice. Over time, its costs continue to climb, and Facilities Managers may be unable to get ahead of the maintenance backlog. Moreover, reactive Facilities Management increases as the deferred maintenance backlog grows. Unfortunately, inexperience in developing a proactive facilities management strategy could result in unforeseen setbacks and delays in implementation, not to mention higher-than-expected investment costs.

Before attempting to implement a proactive management program, Facilities Managers must understand the true costs of reactive management strategies, the value of proactive maintenance, and the leading benefits of pivoting from a reactive to a proactive strategy.

in this white paper, you'll learn:

  • What is the Cost of Reactive Facilities Management?
  • The Value of Proactive Facilities Management
  • Unlocking the Benefits of Moving from Reactive to Proactive Facilities

QSI Facilities has the experience, technology, and understanding necessary to help organizations isolate their facilities costs and needs, prioritize them, and gain insight into activities. In addition, QSI’s vetted national trade network can help Facilities Managers access the trained, qualified technicians needed to bring proactive management to the heart of Facilities Management and customer service.

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