In business, the costs associated with new construction or a remodel may increase due to disruption to guest experiences. Customers do not want to shop or enjoy your services with the sounds of drills, hammers, saws, nor the taste and smell of sawdust and dirt. Construction is messy, but it is also necessary.

Facilities Managers need to know how to properly manage their buildings through major construction and remodels. 

in this white paper, you'll learn:

  • The Risks During Major Construction and Remodel Projects
  • The Role of Nationwide, Project Management Services During a Construction 
  • Best Practices to Augment Construction and Renovation in Business

Customers expect consistency and best-in-class service, regardless of your industry. To align business practices with business goals, new construction and remodeling may be necessary. Scaling a business means adding more space through new construction or renovation of older spaces. Although remodeling can have a costly price tag, the benefits to your company outweigh the risks.

By understanding how to mitigate these risks in real-time, as well as manage the project, Facilities Managers can keep costs under control, ensure the quality of the finished project, and plan for a successful opening of new facilities.

The process is overwhelming, and for multi-site portfolio Facilities Managers, it may not be possible to oversee multiple projects at once. Fortunately, QSI Facilities has a team of experts dedicated to national rollouts of new technologies and platforms, as well as project management services.

Focused on fewer disruptions, QSI works during off-peak hours, improves cleanliness, and, therefore, the safety of the construction area, and maintains stringent accounting practices.

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