The need to improve the condition of the nation’s corporate real estate (CRE) is at an all-time high. CRE firms are working to find new ways to achieve cost reductions without disregarding overall value. More importantly, CRE professionals need to find viable ways to increase efficiency, increase the square foot per employee measurement and reduce total cost per employee.

The benefits of improvements in the CRE sector through facility management services are significant. The right facilities management strategy can reduce maintenance spend, increase tenant-CRE relations and more.

in this white paper, you'll learn:

  • What Do Tenants Expect from CRE firms?
  • Why Facility Management Services Builds Better Tenant-CRE Servicer Relationships
  • Why CRE Firms Are Focused on Facilities Management Services
Successfully managing a large global portfolio is challenging, especially when trying to manage and deploy the right technicians to fulfill your facility needs. With QSI’s Performance Delivery Model and extensive FM experience, we handle all of the complex FM needs in your RE portfolio.

With experts involved in every step from receiving the work order to project review, QSI has all the right ingredients to help get control over your real estate and facilities management portfolio.
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