A manufacturer of water drinking solutions, has worked with QSI Facilities since the end of 2016 to improve warranty management and get a handle on repair activities and costs. The results are real, bringing better management to the manufacturer and enhancing brand reputation along the way. The manufacturer and QSI Facilities were able to isolate these problems and force them into retreat, achieving greater efficiency of repairs and faster installations too.

When facilities management is approached with the desired outcomes in mind, brings all the players together to get on the same page, and there are resources & infrastructure appropriately allocated, positive results occur. In this white paper, you'll learn:

  • What Was the Opportunity to Optimize the Manufacturer’s Warranty Service?
  • How QSI Helped the Water Drinking Solutions Manufacturing Company Improve Maintenance of Products
  • Quantifying the Results of the Manufacturer/QSI Partnership
  • Successful Facilities Management Partnership Results

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