A winning facilities management and C-Suite partnership are crucial to extending the life expectancy of assets in your company, as well as the building itself. While understanding total cost ownership in facilities management is a prerequisite to presenting a facilities management budgets to the CEO, you need to do more than focus on money.

As explained by FacilitiesNet, while money is essential to fixing an immediate problem, executives want to take advantage of permanent solutions, not short-term fixes. Facilities Managers should apply this concept when preparing the facilities management budget for review or pitching to the CEO by following these steps.

In this final part of a three-part white paper series around Facilities Management & the C-suite, you’ll learn:

  • How to Emphasize the Value of Differentiating Your Facilities Management Program
  • How to Make Sure Your Facility Spend and Savings Data Ready are ready for Your Budget Presentation
  • Why The Business Case Must Move From the Smallest Detail to the Business Strategy
  • Why it's Vital to Have a Change Management Plan Ready
  • And How The Right Facilities Management Budget Will Speak for Itself

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