Restaurant Facilities Management is integral to successful restaurants, regardless of size. Fast-casual restaurants operate on slim profit margins, which may be as little as 2 percent, and fast food networks, such as McDonald’s, have substantially healthier gents, as high as 22 percent. Yet, a full-service restaurant, reflecting fine dining experience and lavish settings, still operate on profit margins around 6.1 percent, reports the Houston Chronicle.

These statistics emphasize the tents of reducing expenses in a restaurant to maintain profitability. Restaurants operating on a 6 percent or lower profit margin, a mere 6 percent increase in expenses could decimate profitability. Therefore, restaurant Facilities Managers must understand why tracking KPIs is key to success, as well as which KPIs to track.

in this Restaurant Facilities Management KPIs white paper, you'll learn:

  • Why Tracking of KPIs is Necessary for Restaurant Facility Management
  • A Thorough Breakdown of Restaurant KPIs by Category
  • How Tracking the Right KPIs in Restaurant Facilities Management Builds Better Guest Experiences

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